College Speaking Engagement Spectacular!

Learn How To Get Booked To Speak At Colleges

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and feast your eyes on the miraculous world of college speaking engagements! That’s right, you too can learn the mystifying secrets of how to get booked to speak at colleges, and what they pay – you’ll be making more dough than the campus cafeteria!

But wait, there’s more! For the low, low price of…well, nothing, we’ll also reveal how to find a college agent. You know, those charming folks who’ll help you navigate the stormy seas of academia and take a cut of your hard-earned cash. But fear not, we’ll also tell you what a college agent charges and what they do for you – so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Not a fan of middlemen? We’ve got you covered. Discover the ancient art of self-representation (hint: it involves lots of emailing and slightly less schmoozing), and learn how to book college gigs all on your lonesome.

But that’s not all, folks!

We’re also pulling back the curtain on the two organizations that put on college showcases every year. We’ll dish out the juicy details on the pros and cons of each, so you can decide which one suits your fancy.

Wondering what topics will get you booked faster than a keg party sells out? We’ve got the inside scoop on marketable topics for college presentations. You’ll be more popular than the campus radio station!

But hold on to your mortarboards, because there’s still more. We’ll also show you what you need in the way of a promo package to book a college – it’s like a first impression in a box!

And finally, let’s talk sizzle reels. Why settle for a video demo when you can create a sizzle reel that’ll have college event planners buzzing like caffeinated freshmen during finals week? Find out why it’s essential, and how to make your reel shine brighter than the homecoming bonfire.

So gather ’round, intrepid speakers, and prepare to embark on the laugh-filled, info-packed adventure that is…the College Speaking Engagement!

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