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Learn How To Get Booked To Speak On Cruise Ships

Learn the ropes on getting booked on cruises

Gain insights into the process of getting booked as a speaker on cruise ships. Understand the necessary steps, requirements, and strategies to increase your chances of securing speaking engagements.

We’re going to teach you how to:


Discover the best cruise lines for enrichment speakers and guest entertainers

Explore various cruise lines known for offering opportunities to enrichment speakers and guest entertainers. Learn about their target demographics, themes, and preferences to align your expertise with the right cruise line.


Understand the difference between an enrichment speaker and a guest entertainer

Distinguish between the roles of an enrichment speaker and a guest entertainer on cruise ships. Understand the expectations, responsibilities, and performance styles associated with each role.


Create cruise-worthy content

Learn how to develop captivating and engaging content tailored specifically for cruise ship audiences. Understand their preferences, interests, and unique needs to deliver presentations that leave a lasting impact.


Find the best agents for booking cruise gigs

Discover effective strategies to connect with reputable agents who specialize in booking cruise ship speaking engagements. Learn how to build relationships, showcase your expertise, and increase your visibility in the industry.


Craft a swashbuckling promo package

Develop a compelling promotional package that highlights your speaking skills, experience, and expertise. Create attention-grabbing materials such as a professional speaker bio, video samples, testimonials, and marketing collateral.


Conquer seasickness and perform with confidence

Overcome seasickness, a common concern for speakers on cruise ships. Learn practical tips and techniques to manage motion sickness and perform confidently, ensuring a smooth and impactful presentation.

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